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Nominations Dates
1 maggio - 30 maggio 2022
Festival dates
23 - 24 - 25 Novembre
Red Carpet
26 Novembre

Afragola Film Festival of Architecture and Design 2021

Al di là della visione


Al di là della visione is a film festival that looks at the relationship between architecture, design and audiovisual works. Often, in fact, it is precisely this relationship that defines the style of a work. The encounter between cinema and architecture has always been rich in exchanges and intertwining, material and intangible. Architecture that is not, however, an aseptic container, but a space dedicated to the filmic story, a means of real narrative evolution, set, active actor of the
racconto. Lo spazio fisico può raccontare la psicologia umana in modo diretto o indiretto, attraverso il connubio tra queste due arti che esaltano i vissuti quotidiani o eccezionali.

L’Afragola Film Festival (A.F.F.) aims to evaluate those stories that have a particular focus on urban, suburban or peripheral architecture that shape, form, collect, reject or enhance the stories they contain.

The Scientific Committee of the Festival


in competition

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Competition Documentary and Animated Film


In collaboration with

Department of Architecture - University of Naples Federico II
Order Architects of Naples
National Urban Planning Institute

Sponsored by


The festival is organized by Gabbianella Club Events - with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (Directorate General for Cinema) and the Municipality of Afragola. Additional contributions are made by other institutions and by private sponsors.

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    Afragola Film Festival

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