Three bases: The Cinema Teatro Gelsomino of Afragola, the Centro Polifunzionale Betania in Rione Salicelle and the MAV Museum in Herculaneum,where people can watch films, meet, discuss and share ideas, values and knowledge.

Festival location:

Cinema Teatro Gelsomino di Afragola where films in competition will be screened.

he Gelsomino Cinema in Afragola is a municipal structure managed by GABBIANELLA CLUB EVENTS a company active in the "Culture and Tourism” field.

The Gelsomino, recognised as an important part of Afragola cultural heritage, has now been completely renovated. It offers its guests: 529 seats, air conditioning, state of the art audio/lighting facilities, on-line ticketing service and spacious, well-appointed, air-conditioned dressing rooms It also has a conference room with 100 seats and good video/audio facilities. A cosy coffee/book bar allows guests to relax with a coffee and a good book borrowed from the large, well-stocked bookshop inside the building.

At the Gelsomino Cinema you can watch theatre shows, attend exciting concerts and see first-run films from among the best on release nationally. It is the ideal location for conferences, conventions, recitals and school plays.

Betania Multifunctional Centre in the Salicelle district is where workshops, meetings and events will be held.

A short history of the Betania Multifunctional Centre

The Betania Multifunctional Centre is, along with the parish church of San Michele Arcangelo and the Scuola Europa Unita, is a beacon of light in the Rione Salicelle. It was built during the actual development of the district itself in the 1980s, but was never put to use. When Don Ciro Nazzaro became parish priest in the Rione Salicelle, he could see that the language of violence was the only thing local youngsters knew. He repeatedly solicited the authorities to renovate the building for use as a youth centre, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. So this courageous priest decided to take possession of the building himself and set about converting it into a gym and boxing club.

About 80 kids became enthusiastic members and some even went on to win Olympic titles. But one night the gymnasium burned down. It was a brutal setback for Don Ciro, who had fought for 30 years to keep this centre alive. But with the help of tenacious volunteers, he was eventually able to restore the building. And so the "Centro Polifunzionale Betania” was inaugurated in 2017; its facilities include a health centre, a 100-seat conference room and a large, well maintained outdoor space.

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