Al di là della visione
Film Festival of Architecture and Design

The idea for “Al di là della visione - Afragola Film Festival of Architecture and Design” emerged from the current international debate on the urban periphery as a centre and the need to create opportunities for creative dialogue in the peripheries, in the hope of triggering momentum for initiatives and collaboration to foster urban and social regeneration in disadvantaged population areas.

Afragola is an appropriate location for the Festival, as the zone itself is a mixture of very heterogeneous and conflicting urbanistic and architectural influences. The main elements are the transformation of the original old rural town when it became part of the extended conurbation spreading from the northern periphery of Naples, the post-1980 earthquake construction of the Rione Salicelle Rione Salicelle housing scheme and the recent construction of the Grande Stazione Ferroviaria di Afragola high-speed rail interchange Grande Stazione Ferroviaria di Afragola (designed by the architect Zaha Hadid and opened in 2017).

The subjects of architecture, urban planning and human relations are now more urgent than ever – especially in these pandemic times – and many new ideas are emerging as regards the size, structure and harmony of dwelling spaces and the organisation of common and open spaces in a way that they can best function as a healthy, pleasant and sustainable living environment.

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Afragola Film Festival

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    Afragola Film Festival

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